You Want Me To Do Breaststroke Drills?

Are you groaning at the very thought of swimming drills? Drills of any sort sound awful, but breaststroke drills? Why ever would you do that?

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Breaststroke is the all-purpose swimming stroke. It is great for a beginner because it is relatively easy. Yet when you want a high intensity workout it delivers that too. Its movements are subtle, saving energy throughout the whole swim. But it still gives you a full-body workout and protects your legs.

Breaststroke Drills?

You can easily mix up the drill for different training reasons. Let’s say you want a better upper body workout. Then you can do a one leg kick with multiple arm strokes. You get one kick in, to create some glide, but you make your arms do more work, building the upper body.

breaststroke drills

Another way to think about breaststroke drills is as a sequence, almost like a yoga asana. You can flow through the sequence building each area.

on breaststroke will help other strokes

The knee kicks and pull that are essential breaststroke help the other strokes. You understand how the water works and how your body feels in it.

away the tedium

Breaststroke is great because it can be broken down into its constituent parts. If you need to focus on your body position or your arms or legs then there are drills specifically for that. There are even breathing drills and if you’re using swimming as part of a bigger thing – like a triathlon – then you know this is the time to be able to control breathing.

bottom line…

This swimming stroke is great exercise. But if you want to get better at pretty much any other sport, better breaststroke will help. Bring on the drills.